Landscape, Design, Installation

Add Rock and Boulders to Your Landscape, Design and Installation

Landscape, design and installation isn't just about plants, trees, and bushes. Rocks and boulders are also an intricate part of landscape, design and installation that can help create a natural look for your property. Adding boulders to a front or back yard can help give visual interest and make the yard appear natural. Boulders come in several shapes and sizes, and are made over different stone materials. The team at DeRose Garden & Landscape Supply has a range of boulders available. Come and search for just the right size for your landscaping project. Our team is happy to assist and can even help with the delivery and placement of the boulders.
Rocks can also be used in many forms throughout a landscape. Rocks can be used as stepping stones throughout a garden, offering a safe place for wayward feet to land. Or, rocks can be stacked to create a wall or tiered planter. Rocks can be utilized in fire pits or in ponds to give a natural look to a key feature in the landscape. There are many rocks and minerals, each with its own properties and characteristic look. Choosing the right rock can be a challenge, but the team at DeRose Garden & Landscape Supply is happy to help. We can explain the various rock properties and find the right option for your project.
Here at DeRose Garden & Landscape Supply, we specialize in landscape, design and installation. Not only will our team be able to make recommendations and suggestions for your hardscape and landscaping project, but we are happy to build and install your project too. Stop by our garden center today to find out how we can help make your landscaping dreams a reality.