Create an Inviting Landscape with Trees, Sod and Bushes 

A yard can be completely transformed with the addition of natural sod and trees. Not only can a well manicured and landscaped lawn add visual interest and a place to relax, but landscaping can help increase the value of a home. Landscaping can add plenty of curb appeal, but can also help keep the yard healthy. Trees are an excellent way to add beneficial greenery to your yard. Trees can be added to help prevent erosion too. Their deep root system can prevent slides, especially on hillsides. Trees also have other benefits too. Not only are trees beautiful to look at, but they can provide much needed shade. This can help cool a yard, or house, simply with their leafy coverage. Trees provide homes to many animals, and can often attract beautiful song birds to your yard. Trees come in many sizes and species and can be large, towering plants, or small and ornamental. When you add a little sod to it, you have a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy. Sod is the easiest way to achieve an instant yard and sod doesn’t need as much maintenance to retain its amazing look. Talk with a professional landscaper at DeRose Garden & Landscaping Supply about your needs and wants. Our team will be able to make recommendations based on your preferences to make sure we select the right species of tree for you.
Bushes are another way to add visual interest to the yard. Bushes can be used as decorative elements, and can help create natural barriers. Often, people will elect to set up boundaries with neighboring yards with a row of tall bushes. This is a great way to create a natural and dedicated space, without a permanent and manmade structure, like a fence, getting in the way of a beautiful view. Bushes also come in many sizes and species. Many bushes are evergreens and will appear green and vibrant through all seasons. While some bushes are simply ornamental, others can provide bountiful fruit. Blackberry and raspberry bushes are excellent choices for the yard that can also be a source of delicious berries. Plus, just like trees, bushes can attract many birds and animals to the yard.

No matter what your need, DeRose Garden & Landscape Supply has your answer. We are happy to help with any landscaping project. We have sod to cover acres of yard, or small bushes  that are suitable for a potted garden. Tell us about your project, and we are happy to make recommendations.